Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Meltdown" by Ben Elton

Oh, Ben Elton. You are nothing if not consistent. Churning out book after book of enjoyable, heavy-handed morality tales! I do so love them.

Let's see ... he's already skewered the  "big issues" of: The environment, healthcare, drugs, pregancy, TV reality shows ... (and more!) ... so what will "Meltdown" be about?

From that cover, I'm saying this one is a comedic/satirical romp through a world-gone-mad of out-of-control economics. He'll show those Wall Street fat-cats a thing or two. SKEWERED!

"Meltdown" will have all the laughs and over-the-top poignancy of a Ben Elton book. i.e., by the end of it, there will be no disputing where  Mr. Elton stands on the issue. (As it will have been beaten into my head at every possible instance.)

But in an enjoyable way.

It won't even feel like his stock-standard approach to these books/subjects is wearing thin. Maybe by the next one.


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