Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Harmony" a Novel by Project Itoh [2010]

As I pull this book up on my Kindle, I'll wonder, "How did I ever even hear about this book?" And, with that, I will be on such uneven ground that it'll cause all kinds of problems for me, while reading this story.

I'll be going into this one 100% blind. I honestly won't remember why I added this book to my wishlist, in the first place.

Did I hear about it on a blog? As a "people who bought X also bought Y" list of recommendations, having bought and enjoyed whatever X was?

And yet, I won't read the back-cover copy, either. I'll think of it as "An Adventure!" I'll applaud myself for taking a risk! (Never realizing that this is the lamest kind of risk-taking anyone can ever partake in. ("Oh!", says Mr Knievel, "So, the risk you're taking is that you don't like a book? That beats MY canyon-jumping hands-down, that does!") Shut up, Evel! Let me live my own, non-be-motorcycled life!)

As a reward from my novelistic dare-deviltry, I'll spend way to long trying to understand - and come to grips with - exactly what kind of book this is ... too long "finding the tone". Then, just when I think I have it nailed down, the book will do something which will make me reevaluate what it's trying to tell me. So I'll spend a lot of time understanding my own thoughts about this novel.

Still - if I may judge a book by its cover (and why would you begrudge me that? After all, you are allowing me to judge a book on nothing but speculation, already!) - it looks like it's going to be dystopian novel. I tend to like those, so I'll probably like a lot of this one. Plus, it seems to have been written by a Japanese fellow. Now, one of my favorite books, "Battle Royale", is dystopia + Japanese, so that bodes well.

In the end, I'll realize I liked it ok, but would have liked to have known a little bit about it going into it.


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