Monday, January 31, 2011

The Hangover

I won't be looking forward to this one. Then I'll realize my bar is set so low, that I might actually be surprised by it. But THAT realization will mean my bar is re-set slightly higher - assuming I'm going to get SOME enjoyment out of. At which point, I'll have to adjust my expectations lower, again.

But then I'll remember that a lot of people I know - people who would not normally like this film - liked it. Then I'll think, "Yeah, but THEY went into it not expecting to like it! So if I go in thinking I'll enjoy it..."

And thus, I will enter into a cycle of cyclicality. A Carousel of Expectations, if you will.

My thoughts on this movie will remain SO ambivalent and in flux - yo-yo-ing up and down - that it will be merely a matter of chance and random luck if I actually enjoy this film at all. (The same kind of luck you experience when jumping onto a real moving carousel and find that you've been skewered in the back by the horn of the one wooden, ride-on unicorn that most of those rides include, for the more "fantasy-minded" of children. (e.g., "Wow, there was such little chance of this happening and yet my spleen is now a kabob.")

Look, people. This is a lose/lose situation for me, anyway. If I don't like it, well: a) Everyone'll just say "You don't like anything, Jeff" and make my heart hurt because I realize my friends believe I am dead inside or b) I'll still have wasted 100 minutes of my life.

But, as I've always said that, "I don't like 'those kinds' of movies", and I DO like it, I'm a traitor to my own mind.

So, in the end, no matter if I like this movie or not, whenever in conversation the subject of this movie come up, I will be forced to say, "The Hangover? Nah. I never saw it."


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