Friday, May 22, 2009

Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten (2007)

Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten 

It's a documentary about the life of Joe Strummer. It will be fuckin great. I will feel better about life after watching it.


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Star Trek(2009)

Star Trek(2009)

I wasn't a giant Star Trek fan growing up. That said, i've probably seen most of the episodes of at least the initial series and The Next Generation, and was once kidnapped and dragged to see Star Trek: Generations in a big movie theater. But while I was a nerd, i was not really a Star Trek nerd. SO I will go into this film telling myself im going to give it a totally fair shake, but deep down i'll have that small puddinglike lump of ugh in my guts.   

I've spent four years watching Lost and come on. we're all a bit burned by this Abrams guy. I will confess that the Trailer felt like a lot of fun- i didnt even mind the fact that it didnt have anywhere near the same tone as previous Star Trek incarnations. it was big,  it was all commotion, and it had the pastiche of reverence. that was enough. 

So i will sit down, with some artifically colored and flavored snack in my hands, and wait to be disappointed. It will probably be Kirk. A month ago i'd've said Spock, but since then i've decided i will probably be ok with the weak-voiced, less-than-vulcan Zachary Quinto.
No, it'll be Kirk who doenst quite feel like Kirk.  There's something different about 21st Century arrogance. It's not the same as mid-late 20th centruy arrogance.  not sure what it is. And more than him, it'll be the usually boring Eric Bana as whatever villain he's playing. Lord. yawn.

I'll feel ho hum about the time travel acrobatics too. but for the most part i'll be properly engaged.  I'll laugh (usually) when im supposed, gasp (usually) at the right time as well, and my eyeballs will become hyperactively synchronized with the goings on onscreen for 68% of the action setpieces.

I'll leave the theater satisfied, but not enthralled, and will snipe for days, maybe weeks, about "what they should have done differently". But i'll realize i was never a huge Star Trek fan to begin with,  and will wonder "then why does it matter so much?"

PS- Oh, and i'll hopefuly not be let down by Karl Urban's turn as Bones.  i'm really rooting for him to steal the whole movie.


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