Thursday, March 19, 2009

"To Say Nothing of the Dog" by Connie Willis

I will hate this book, thoroughly. I will realize that, upon receipt of the book from Amazon, and seeing the front cover declare:
"The most hilarious book of its kind since
John Irving's "The Water-Method Man" and
"A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy

I should have promptly thrown it in the garbage.

Instead, I will just assume that the Des Moines Sunday Register (the originator of this quote) was doing what most book reviewers do - calling out familiar, popular books / authors in an attempt to sway people to be more receptive while having no similarities at all to the other works.

However, this time, the comparison will be all too apt. I found "TSNOTD" boring and heavy-handed (like an Irving novel) and unfunny and uncomfortable - in a "New Yorker" cartoon way (like Confederacy).

Further to that, I will realize that not ALL books granted a Hugo Award for best novel and nominated for a Nebula Award are worth reading and begin to question my decision to read more of the books that appear on those two lists.

The only saving grace that I will come away with, from this book, is that I will learn that I don't have to finish every book I start and that it's okay to get half-way through, then throw the book in the trash. (Except, because of "green guilt", I won't send it to a land-fill, instead, I'll give the book to my sister ... who has more tolerance of crappy sci-fi than I do.)


this review was 100% inaccurate

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