Friday, March 20, 2009

"Postsingular", by Rudy Rucker

Postsingular by Rudy Rucker

i was waiting on line at the comic store when i saw this purple squid winking at me while being sucked into a green vortex. it was just a two dimensional purple squid, so i picked up the book it was attached to and threw it on top of my pile of juvenile literature. Postsingular. Good title. Singularities, getting played out maybe, but hey, they're cool. I looked at the name Rudy Rucker, also on the cover. I remembered he's a heavy hitter.

I will not be sold on this book. i will like it, perhaps begrudgingly, maybe even flirting at whole-heartedly, but i won't be sold on it. Will not. No. Not totally. I won't be sold on it because having glanced at the synopsis on the back cover; I can state assuredly that after being thoroughly engaged in the opening & middle of the book, i will, in the last third, want to quantumly refund my braintime that I spent forming new neural pathways fashioned in Pure Ruckervision.

Because why do writers who start off with the wildest of premises always collapse back into the same story structures we've seen time and time again? They’re writing them! They can do anything! The book's called POSTSINGULAR! That’s some wild stuff! But no. So I will not enjoy the latter part, where the 'giant humanoids from another quantum universe, some of whom mean to tidy up the mess we've made. Or maybe just run things' show up. I will wonder, "Mr. Rucker?, Why’d you have to go THERE? We’re PAST that! We’re POSTSINGULAR! You can end this novel with a string of new numbers, that you created. 45 pages of fictional numbers and a picture of a little cat. Who cares? Because you're a god when you’re a writer. Don’t give up on the gigantawesomeness of your fa- reaching premise and just deliver us another tired old xenophobic power struggle! Don’t do it! Postsingularize my neural pathways! I want you to do that!"

But he won't.

And i will put down the book thinking, "wow that first 2/3 was super fantastic. I really wish those giant humanoids from another quantum universe, called Suck The Fun Out Of Everything, didn't show up and give everyone Zima and month old granola bars or some shit. That part was really lame". And when i put the book down that purple Squid will still be winking at me and i'll say "fine, you were right. impulse buys are always the same" and he (she?) won't say anything in return, because that purple squid's just two dimensional.


this review was 72% correct

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